Why is 4G Better for India?

Are you looking to buy a new phone?
Are you confused whether you should choose 3G or 4G handset?
Well let me tell you why anyone, who wants to use their android Smartphone features to fullest, should pick 4G technology.

Keep calm and read below to know why 4G is better for the new generation of users.

The Future of Smartphone
4G has the power to change the way we work and play. Speed increase is necessary, and 4G networks can provide sizzling faster speed to users. It offers a big improvement over 3G, and could provide an average of 10-20 mbps speed, that’s faster than the speeds many of us get through computers connected to modems.
Those futuristic video calls you see on Hollywood movies, are coming soon, thanks to 4G.

Multimedia with No Delay
3G networks often have problem of latency (delays), but there will be no delay in 4G. It’s critical for online multi-player gaming on, video chat or conferencing etc. If there are any delays with the network, generally people get frustrated with the experience, and quit the game or wind up call.
4G can help them maximize their experience of Android features and mobile network. Combined 4G with octacore, we will be capable of running every application smoothly, including high-end games/online games on our android devices.
4G will allow people to access internet faster, and connect together. This higher capacity means more people can put video conferencing or video uploading to use at the same time.

Waiting time is over
Previous technology offered slow online videos, with a lot of buffering time. But now we can access full movies on our Smartphone within few minutes and can make high quality (HD) video calls, and 4G made it possible.
Uploading/Downloading big size files are now possible with 4G. Now, employees can access their company softwares with heavy database on their android phones, which was impossible task with 3G. We will need Octacore too if we want to use our Smartphone for big tasks.
Technology will make life easier for workers who prefer to work outside office, they will have an alternate, and they don’t have to sit on their desk always to work.

In near future, most of the Smart phones will be 4G-ready, except for some of the cheapest models. Whether you believe it or not, it’s the future of Tele-communication, and will allow Smartphone technology to spread its wings.

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