10 Tips to Handle an Trolls on Social Media

What to do when you make a lol out of yourself on social media?

Did it ever so happen with you that you had incomplete or distorted knowledge or understanding of facts and you went on to express your opinions on social media?
Did someone with accurate facts come and make a LOL out of you?

So What after you have made a mistake?

You can just go on and keep making a lol of yourself till everyone is bored of the topic, or you can handle it wisely and save your day. Here’s what you should do:

1. Be Receptive
once you know that you ‘might be’ wrong, and you made a mistake, please stop arguing

2. Stop Arguing
Once you start listening, soon you are gonna realise what you said was wrong.
Remember one thing ‘Any fool can argue even if he knows he is wrong, It takes a wise person to reflect and understand that no one is invincible.’

3. Accept Mistake
Once you stop arguing, I can assure you one thing. Things can not take a turn for the worse. Because now you already understand and accept that you made a mistake. Now it’s no more you against him. Let the ego that caused the whole thing erode.

4. Mistake is not a crime
You have to understand that it was a mistake and that’s all it was. Yes you picked a fight, but shit happens and it’s not just you. It happens with everyone. So you just gotta get over it.

5.Check your facts
After understanding that you were wrong about something, the first thing you should do is, go back and check ‘What’s right’. Few of the most interesting things I know today are because I picked fights on social media with incomplete knowledge and then went on to check the facts.

6. Lame excuses
Don’t give lame excuses that have nothing to do with the topic. You will miss the whole point of the argument and will only repeat the mistake you did the first time. Instead what you should be doing is: Just Say Sorry

7. Sorry
the word ‘Sorry’ has the power to put any argument to rest and resolve any conflict, because once you apologize it’s no longer a fight.

 8. Public Apology
A personal apology is enough to settle things in most cases, but some times you might end up hurting people with what you say on social media platforms where both your and his/her friends know what happened, A personal apology might not be enough. You should write a post or a tweet to apologize, and it should not be very hard.

9. Use humour to your advantage
Sometimes a public apology might not be an option depending on your stature it might be too self deprecating. So instead use humour to your advantage, for example: I am sorry my AwSum sense of humor offends you.

10. Prevent trolling
Prevent anything like that from happening. Always check the facts before you speak. and speak to convince people, not to prove your point. Because, even if you do manage to prove beyond doubt that you were right, no one is gonna listen to you or at least no one will empathise with you.

What you think of this article? please let me know

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