10 Tips to Grow Business with Google Plus

The popularity of your links and posts in Google+ acts as a ranking signal and will help you rank better in Google search against your competitors who do not use Google+ for expanding their organic reach-out.

So if you are a blogger or a local brand or even a global brand, Google plus should definitely be in your online marketing plan.

1. Take Advantages of Google Plus Communities and Get an Ocean of Traffic
Google+ communities are pool of people sharing a common interest just like any other social media groups. So if your post relates to the interest of any community, sharing a link on that community is a really beneficial for you.

2. Increase Your Presence in Google Local Search
Brand Google+ Local Page Users are now days searching local keywords, so it is very important for you to optimize your local brand for those new opportunities and that can be done by starting as a local brand page on Google plus.

3. Promote Your Brand Via Google+ Page
Brand Google+ Page Using your brand via a unique identity is important, because it all adds up to your brand’s digital foot-prints, you can do that via google plus page for your brand.

4. Use HashTags
Hashtags are always important, and helps you reach a specific audience who are interested in what you are sharing.

5. Use Trending Related Hashtags
Google+ update popular hashtags time to time so that you can use them in your update next time and create a big splash.

6. Ask Your Friends to +1 and Share
Ask your friends and people in your circle to +1 and share your updates.

7. Email Your Updates to People in Your Circle
Next time you are sharing an update check the box that says: ‘Also send email from you to Your circles’. This allows you to email your status updates to people in your circles. While people may miss the notifications in between many notifications, it’s always safer to send an email into their inbox.

8. Use Gif Images to Grab Attention
Gifs are very popular these days and help you convey your message easily to your targeted viewers without wasting time in video buffering, and with Google+ you can easily take advantages via gifs as they play by default.

9. Use Google Hangouts
Google hangouts allows you to do a video chat with anyone. That’s a really useful feature of google plus. What’s even better is, you can save that video chat to YouTube for users to view later or for users who could not attend your hangouts for some reason.

10. Don’t Over USE These Strategies
Google is very strict regarding its community sharing policies, so if you overdo anything, it can lead to ban of your account for short-term and if repeated over time, even permanently so be careful.

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