4 Initiatives That Celebrate Real Beauty of Women

Many times the images portrayed in movies and magazines are far from reality, and as a result, create unrealistic standards for women regarding their physical appearances.

In an effort to stop such trend, these 4 fantastic initiatives celebrate women’s real beauty.

1. The Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Beautiful
This beautiful videos lays out 10 ways to know that any woman is beautiful. Interspersed with natural and untouched photos of diverse women, the list begins at number one with understanding that there are no flaws only differences, and shares nine other nuggets of valuable and empowering insight into real beauty.

2. Dove – It’s More Than Just A Soap
Dove is one of the loudest voices in the movement to redefine beauty. Through their 10-year Campaign for Real Beauty and Movement for Self Esteem, the brand challenges existing perceptions through thought-provoking ads  and educational materials. In this powerful video, Dove probes the issue of why women are so camera shy, posing the simple yet straightforward question, “When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?” The video concludes with shots of dynamic and confident young girls posing with gusto in front of the camera, serving as an inspirational reminder that it’s never too late to regain that confidence you once had as a child.

3. Raw Beauty Talks
Erin Treolar is on a mission – to encourage women to feel beautiful by loving and accepting themselves.  In a response to the inundation of unrealistic images of women perpetuated by the media, Treolar created Raw Beauty Talks – a website that features interviews with all different kinds of women accompanied by sans makeup, filter and photoshopped pictures. The site also hosts a collection of empowering quotes that match the grassroots initiative to steer the focus from the superficial, and to get people talking about beauty, confidence and self-love.

4. Aerie – Being Real is Sexy
American Eagle’s lingerie line aerie has taken a cue from Dove, and recently announced a new campaign called aerie Real. The Spring 2014 ad company features models who have one thing in common – none of them are digitally retouched. The brand’s message, “The Real You is Sexy,” is aimed at young women ages 15-21, and is intent on showing their customers that real beauty doesn’t have to be digitally altered.

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