10 Pro Tips to Use Facebook Better

Facebook is the biggest social network that is used by over a billion people around the world and the number is rapidly increasing.

So as a brand you can get the biggest chunk of converting traffic from Facebook, depending on how well do you make use of the platform to extract maximum results.

1. Use Facebook as Your Brand Page
From posting in groups to communicating with your customers in comments, you must use Facebook as your brand page to let the users know that it’s your brand which is trying to communicate with them.

2. Try Sponsored Posts
To reach a larger segment of targeted audience you can sponsor your post and get even more engagement on the post. Almost all big brands use this feature and grow the user engagement on Facebook.

3. Utilize the Power of Facebook Groups
There are groups for every topic in Facebook, where you can propagate your brand’s message to make a difference and win the hearts of users. Just be careful and post relevant content only.

4. Use Hashtags
Hashtags are very important to target your unique customer segment who will be interested in your products and services. You can use trending hashtags too if your post is related to that.

5. Be Unique and Humorous
When posting anything on Facebook, it is very important to be funny and unique so that you get the attention of your users.

6. Use Images to Speak to Your Potential Customers Visually
A catchy image can create a lot of difference in your Facebook marketing results.

7. Go with Facebook Videos
Many brands use videos to communicate their message, just because video is the most engaging means of communicating with your prospects.

8. Use Call to Actions
It is good to be natural in social media as people don’t want direct sales there but at the same time its important to use at-least a subtle call to action. Need not necessarily be a call for sale, but an indirect direct suggestion asking people to engage.

9. Tag Loyal Customers to Boost Engagement
You can tag your happy customers in your next Facebook post to make them aware of new things. Because they are most likely to create positive engagement in your post.

10. Don’t Overdo Anything
At last when you are using these techniques, it is important to keep in mind that overdoing anything can result in negativity for your brand so be careful with that.

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