11 Tricks to Become a Twitter Superstar

Twitter is the only platform in the world, where audience is very smart and genuine.

If you have really good content and you want to go viral with it, twitter is the destination.

1. Create a unique Profile
People come across your tweets, content that’s really good and decide to give profile a look. After they land on your profile page, they decide whether to follow or leave in a split second. Therefore, what they see is very important. Thus your profile deserves your best shot.

2. Share something that everybody loves
Once you have useful information you wanna share, present it in such a way that retweeting your tweets make people feel about themselves, makes them look cool or knowledgeable to their viewers.

3. Add Images, Videos to your tweets to stand out from the crowd
Text is fine, but people are busier than ever and they just want to quickly scan through to find anything that’s interesting. Thus your best shot at getting the attention is by using provocative and curiosity arousing pictures and videos.

4. Follow top influencers in your industry
It will keep yourself updated about the latest trends in your niche and open yourself to the whole new world of networking opportunities.

5. Tag influencers in your tweet who might enjoy it
Tag influencers whom your post may concern and if it really connects with them, they will favorite or retweet, driving thousands of their followers to your blog.

6. Analyze your audience and followers on regular basis to understand their psychology
If you are not putting your content in-front of the right audience or if you are not creating the right content for your targeted audience, then get ready for your post to be lost into the eternal black hole of the internet.

7. Retweet and Favorite top content in your niche
Many times you find helpful content by other bloggers in your niche. Retweeting them not only is a way to express your opinions and open up to new networking opportunities, but also helps establish your credibility and knowledge in your niche among your followers.

8. Share the content that matters to your followers and your industry
A lot of your followers follow and like you because the kind of content you share. Because they find it useful, inspiring or exciting. And thus you can share anything you find interesting, anything your followers would like. And that doesn’t have to be your own content.

9. Use trending relevant hashtags in your tweet
This is a very under-estimated, underrated hack. It’s like trying to ride a fast-moving wave, if you manage to somehow cling-on to the wave; the instantaneous speed and momentum that you will get is SIMPLY PHENOMENAL.

10. Participate in trending hashtags
Always try to articipate in trending hashtags in your industry and try to prove yourself there. your opinions will get you a lot of followers.

11. Don’t over do it
Over doing anything is dangerous. And especially twitter promotion. Keep it straight, simple and targeted. Look at the RIGHT audience and not the NUMBER of the audience.

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