You won’t believe our ancestors knew distance from Earth to Sun (in Ramayan Era)

Whoaaa, i was totally surprised, when i found out the meaning of Hanuman Chalisa.
and trust me it makes so much sense, even scientist believe that they have a lot to learn from ancient India.

below is the line from Hanuman Chalisa:
Juga sahastra jojan par bhaanu, Leelyo taahi madhur phal jaanu ||18||

now it literaly translates, into something extraordinary in today’ times. so, let’s open Sanskrit to English dictionary to understand above line:

Juga =  sum of 4 Yugas (1 complete Mahayuga)
Satayuga = 4800 divine years
Tretayuga=3600 divine years
Dwaparayuga=2400 divine years
Kaliyuga=1200 divine years

so, 1 complete Mahayuga = 4800 + 3600 + 2400 + 1200 divine years
which means 1 Juga= 12000
(Check wikipedia for Hindu units of time)

Next word is Sahastra, which is common sanskrit word = 1000

Now, next is Jojan (aka Yojan) = 8 Miles (12.8 Km)

according to this line from Hanuman Chalisa, at this distance lies the fruit, which Hanuman went to eat (which was our Sun)

so, lets calculate this distance
Juga X Sahastra X Jojan = 12000 X 1000 X 8 = 9,60,00,000 Miles
9,60,00,000 Miles = 15,36,00,000 Km

today, Estimated distance from Earth to Sun is 15,00,00,000 Km which is close to what is written in Hanuman Chalisa already.

Isn’t it AMAZING?

What you think of this article? please let me know

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