4 Great Tips for Cinematograpers

Do you want to get the best shots possible???

check out these 4 basic tips to help you with your first production as a cinematographer

1. Always make the viewer part of the scene (Most Important)
Nothing is more exciting than being a part of the scene that you are watching, and cinematographer has the ability to do this. for example, In chase scene follow them, or place the camera on car door to give the viewer feeling of being there

2. Shooting from below
Shots from below are exciting to see. You can place your camera or sit down or lie down if required to shoot the action from low angle. If the action is under a table then affix the camera to the underneath part of the table and let it do the work for you

3. Getting Shots from Above
Shooting from above is one of the best shots for action. The aerial view of any action can be very exciting. It’s a position that none of us can see normally, unless we are traveling in an airplane or sitting in a high tree

4. Adding Suspense to Drama
Change your camera levels at various levels to add suspense or mystery to a drama, or to make the viewer a part of that scene when he see the action in all different angles. Keep in mind that real life is not all at one angle

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