Follow these Green Tips to make a Eco-Friendly Film

Follow these Green Tips to make a Eco-Friendly Film:


  • Unplug and switch off all equipment when not in use
  • We encourage the use of electronic medium for scripting and sharing information. Minimize the use of paper
  • Make double-sided printing the default on all copiers and printers and use ECO-FONTS to reduce ink consumption


  • Rechargeable batteries save a lot of alkaline batteries from going to the landfill

Post Production

  • Use Laptops instead of Desktops wherever possible, they use less energy
  • Make the ‘Power Saving Mode’ your favorite on your Desktops and Laptops

Food & Bevarages

  • Ensure minimum wastage and no littering
  • Say no to Plastic Bottles at all times. Instead use refillable bottles filled from home
  • If food is ordered on SET/SHOOT, ensure the use of recyclable plates for consumption

Once Shooting Finishes

  • Congratulations! You have reached the final stage of the task
  • Now look around, if there are any extra things you have purchased which may not be of any use   to you, kindly donate to local schools or non-profits


  • Rent instead of Buy
  • Reuse instead of wreck
  • Recycle instead of dump
  • Turn it off instead of leaving it on
  • Reduce waste

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