5 Ways to Make Repurposed Plastic Bottle

only few percent of used bottles make it to the recycling plant, around 85% bottle waste languish in landfills which takes decades to decompose
if you want you can transform waste bottles into something useful & beautiful piece of work,
follow my 5 DIY easy-to-make ways to make plastic bottles repurposed

1. Jewellery Holder
jewelry stand is as pretty as the earrings, necklaces and bracelets it holds

2. Sensory Toddler Toy
This handmade toy will fascinate the little ones and creativity is boundless here as water-filled bottles can contain pieces of tin foil, glitter, oil, dish soap and more

3. Sprinkler
With summer nearing the corner, this homemade sprinkler is a low cost and fun way for kids and adults to enjoy the warm weather

4. Bird Feeder
Give back to nature and watch all the lovely birds that will come to flock at this simple and effective bird feeder

5. Vertical Garden

This innovative idea came from a design firm that did home makeovers for the Brazilian TV show Lar Doce Lar and is a wonderful way to add a bit of green to your surroundings

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