18 Unknown Facts of Delhi Metro

here are 18 interesting and less-known facts of Delhi Metro:

1. No Dustbins
There are no dustbins inside the metro stations, except for in and around some shops. Despite this fact, the metro stations are mostly quite clean

2. Saari Guard
Escalators at the stations have a ‘Saari Guard’ feature which stops saaris from getting tangled in escalators

3. Deepest Point
Deepest point of the Delhi Metro lies 45 meters down – below Rajiv Chowk station. It is Airport Express, which carries 500,000 passengers per day

4. Delhi Metro Announcer
Female announcer (in English) is voiced by Rini Simon, while Male announcer (in Hindi) is voiced by Shammi Narang

5. 2nd Most Popular Metro System in the World
In 2014, Delhi Metro was ranked the second most popular metro system globally. The first was New York

6. Disabled-Friendly
Lifts have braille buttons; and are placed low for wheelchair accessibility; colored paths help people go across stations

7. Phase-1
Phase 1 of the Metro was completed 3 years ahead of schedule

8. Rainwater harvesting
As an environmental measure, DMRC conducts rainwater harvesting all along the route of the blue line

9. Carbon Credit
UN certified DMRC as the 1st Metro & Rail-based system that gets carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It reduces pollution levels of Delhi by 6,30,000 tonnes per year

10. Passengers
Delhi Metro network is expected to cover 295 kms carrying over 4 million daily passengers by 2016

11. Record commuters
Delhi Metro set a record by commuting 27.1 lakh passengers on August 4, 2014

12. Punctuality
Delhi Metro is punctual 99.7% of the time. That’s a major record

13. Yearly commuters
Metro carry 700 million passengers every year, that’s more than the population of the US

14. Delhi metro
Despite some glitches, its safest & most popular ways of commuting in Delhi

15. Female Operators
Meenakshi Sharma, Anjali Minz & Vibha Kumari were 1st Female Train Operators for Delhi Metro. Now there are many more female operators

16. Fares
Delhi Metro fares haven’t changed since 2009

17. Orphanage
An NGO, Salaam Balak Trust, runs an orphanage at Tis Hazari for the DMRC. It is aimed at helping street children have better futures

18. It Was Named After
Rajiv Chowk metro station was not named after Rajiv Gandhi, but Rajiv Goswami, a politically active student who protested against the Mandal Commission job reservation

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