21 things Men want Women to Think

here are few things men always want women to think of:

1. Just because i smile at you in passing or if we somehow make eye contact, does not mean I am being creepy and want to bang you

2. just because we find other women attractive, doesn’t mean we find you any less attractive or would leave you for a stranger that passes by

3. i think about you all the time. Sometimes the smallest things remind me of you. I’m not always great at expressing it, but believe me, you’re on my mind

4. the first time we saw each other and you smiled at me made everything shitty that happened that week disappear

5. My failure to compliment your outfit, hair, or makeup is not malicious. It’s not because i take you for granted

6. I love it when you’re happy about something and you make those super cute face

7. I am regularly amazed that i am sleeping next to you

8. I want to play with your boobs

9. When i look at you i don’t see you as you are this second. I see you as i saw you for the first time. I see you as i saw you in that moment when i proposed to you and we decided to live life together. I see you as i saw you on our wedding day. I see you as i saw you on our wedding night

10. Sometimes we just need that down time during the week. Maybe for an hour or so after we get home, we just need to relax

11. Don’t run away during/after an argument and expect a guy to run after you and try to “get you back”. for us Leaving means you need your space to cool down

12. If we are in a relationship and you are being flirty all day, don’t be surprised when I’m horny when we are alone. Seriously, don’t play the “turn him on, leave him on” game

13. The sexiest thing you can wear is a mini dress, and specially when it shrinks after washing

14. If you are interested in a guy, don’t assume he’ll pick up on you dropping subtle hints

15. Please do not judge us by our friends. Nearly all of our friends were tested like Barfi movie, they stayed with us when we cut down those poles, that is the reason they are my friends

16. You are prettier than you think you are

17. sometimes it’s way hotter if a girl makes the first move

18. When we tell you something in confidence, it’s not ok to tell your sister, or girlfriend, or mom

19. If you are not romantically interested in us, please do not go out on a date with us

20. That weird crease in my jeans is not my penis, our pants just do that sometimes

21. When we sit near you quietly, it doesn’t mean something is wrong! Guys are happy just sitting and being next to you. We don’t always need to be talking or doing anything

Women please remember that beauty is way more than physical appearance. A super beautiful girl can turn into the most ugly of persons based on personality

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