4 Helpful tips for Set Designers (keep in mind)

4 helpful tips for set designers to keep in mind:

1. Be Open-minded
A successful set designer is willing to listen to the thoughts and suggestions that come from junior and senior managers. Whether the criticism received is positive or negative, open-mindedness can help set designers give audiences what they really want

2. Make Sure Your Research is Thorough
Once the script is written, a set designer should be able to visualize the scenes and understand the message.  A clear cut understanding of the play will help you select the best stage design and organize the necessary special effects

3. Embrace Technology
Set designers should never stop learning. Sets can incorporate large LED walls and projection screens for special effects

4. Appreciate the Value of Team Work
Unlike some of the other creatives in the design industry, set designers cannot work alone. Working in a group with common goals allows a set designer to create more efficiently. Set designing can be tedious, so good relations with fellow workmates are essential to the success of a production

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