5 Cool DIY Creations

DIY creations are fun and great for kids & adults…

Check out my list of 5 such cool DIY creations

1. Cardboard Castle
Most kids grow up on stories of kings, queens, princes and princesses who, most usually, reside in elegant and beautiful castles. Turn those fairytales into a reality with an easy to make dream castle that any kid will love.

2. Sumo Wrestler Plastic Bottle
This is not only creative and too cute, but makes good use out of old plastic bottles. you can keep anything inside this wrestler

3. 3D Stained Glass House
Using colored cellophane & plastic containers, it is easy-to-do & can be modified into any shape of your choosing. This beautiful creation will catch anyone’s eye

4. Newspaper Fort
Making a fort is a must do for each and every kid; that’s where stories are created and imaginary adventures take place. Using only newspapers and tape shaped into large triangles, a homemade mobile fort can be erected anywhere

5. Homemade Bubbles
Bubbles are the best and provide the kiddies with endless enjoyment! Instead of buying bubbles, make your own

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