5 Reasons You Should Use Unfollow Button on Facebook

have you ever thought “I don’t want to see this in my newsfeed”, well i think this many times. than i discovered this brilliant option to “unfollow” on Facebook
There are some crappy people whom you consider unbearable

1. Terrible Spellings/Grammer Mistakes
I love you all, but please know that if you write something along the lines of ” I’m fina beat down dis ho b4 sum one else does, plz buleav I’m4real, trust dat!”, your friends are either skipping right by it, or wondering where you were educated

2. Every Post is Like a Riddle
I’m not talking about real riddle, i’m talking about bullshit some people write, written in some weird code. which make it impossible to understand what they posted

3. Inspirational Quotes
I’m okay with few quotes about being happy, with a rainbow in the background. but sometimes these are getting bit much. i dont need so much positivity in my news feed, else i wont be watching ‘Bigg Boss’ or ‘Roadies’

4. Family Drama
Friends I always thought Facebook was for sharing pictures with friends and seeing what you’re ex is up to… but i am sure it’s not meant to bitching about someone, or cursing someone from your family, or rant about your uncle who is a jerk

5. Spoilers
These people post every single detail about the movie or tv shows. please resist your urge to post everything you saw… i will surely kill my newsfeed first and than you…
“OMG, the Boyfriend is the killer” “Movie was awesome tonight” keep spoilers to yourself

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