10 Ways to Be Her Hero

check these 10 proven ways to be her hero:

1. Be Financially Independent
you dont have to be a bill gates but you need to buy her the occasional gift nd not have to beg your dad for a raise everytime you out on a date

2. Make Her Truly Madly Deeply in Love With You
help an old man cross the road, save a cat, save her from eve teasers. Think of her as Lois Lane, & yourself Superman

3. Work on Your Image, It Matters
more for her friends than for her.take time to dress right for a date especially if her friends are going to be there

4. Dont Rush
you take her for atleast a few dates before yuou actually start making your moves. your a gentle man

5. Dont Lie about Yourself
If you cant sing & play guitar say so. imagine yourself being forced to sing in a pub full of her friends

6. Be Sensitive
listen to her issues & share your personal issues as well, but dont ovedo it & start bawling on her lap

7. Be Charming
think leading men from old movies. yes its ok to watch them if its for research purposes

8. Be Witty
we repeat be witty, NOT a circus joker, there’s a thin line there so watch it

9. Stop Flirting
atleast in front of her

10. Let Her Crave for You
take time to reply to her texts. miss a few calls, act busy – she will fret, fume nd she will obsess about “why” you are doing this, like alllllllllll the time

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