5 Steps to Help Someone Who Have An Eating Disorder

These are few steps to help someone with eating disorder:

1. Speak privately to the person
Don’t confront the person with a group of people. Select a time to talk when you will not feel rushed, If possible. and Ensure sufficient time and try to prevent interruptions.

2. Avoid Judgement by using Observations
Indicate to the individual all the observations that have aroused your concern, & allow him/her to respond. If the individual discloses information about problems, listen carefully with empathy and nonjudgmentally.

3. Use ‘I’ instead of ‘You’
Statements that begin with “You” often feel accusatory. Statements that begin with “I” are much less threatening and communicate to your friend that you care and are concerned about their well-being. e.g. “I noticed that you should have your meal properly”

4. Remain Supportive
Throughout the conversation, communicate care, concern, and a desire to talk about problems. Your responsibility is not therapy, it is the development of a conversation that ultimately helps an individual in trouble find understanding & support

5. Emphasize Health
the focus should be on the person feeling healthy and functioning effectively; not on weight, shape, and morality.

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