5 Tips That Can Help You Develop Ideas for Writing

5 tips that can help you develop ideas:

1. Expect the appearance of ideas
Put away the prejudice that only few chosen ones can create good ideas. believe in youself “You are a writer and your ideas have worth”. Realize that ideas come & go, so not to worry. Ideas will arrive suddenly, one by one. Sometimes ideas arrive so quickly you will barely have time to write them down

2. Save your ideas immediately
start to record all your ideas with notebook or tablet or voice recorder. Make sure you always carry the means to record them. If you fail to write down ideas, you will end up forgetting most of them

3. Be open to new experiences
The more you deal with different situations, people, and places, the more fuel you give your mind to form connections. Learn to celebrate diversity of life: travel, try new food, read magazines you do not usually look at. Do not be afraid to do the usual things in a different way.

4. Greet all ideas, even those that seem stupid
Never focus only on creating great ideas. Strive for quantity instead of quality at first. Most people fail to come up with ideas because they fear their ideas will be “stupid.” Never mind: ideas that are considered stupid today may become the basis for the revolutionary ideas of tomorrow. And when you finally have such an idea, no one will remember the less fortunate ones.

5. Be grateful for ideas
Whenever you come up with great ideas for writing, be thankful for them. Create an additional positive reinforcement for your mind, which encourages the creation of more new ideas. It may seem a little bit strange, but it works. Just try

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