Turn 10 Regular Negative Phrases to Positive

Flipping the phrases will leave both the speaker and the listener with a better taste in their mouths. Try to focus on what can be done that will make people around you expect a positive result.

Wrong: No problem
Correct: Definitely

Wrong: Why not
Correct: Sounds good

Wrong: Can’t complain
Correct: Everything’s going well, thanks

Wrong: I forgot
Correct: I’ll make sure to set a reminder

Wrong: No Icecreams today!
Correct: I know you like ice cream, but eating too much isn’t healthy.

Wrong: I missed you so much!
Correct: It’s so great to see you!
Wrong: Don’t throw the ball inside!
Correct: Please take the ball outside.
Wrong: Constructive criticism
Correct: Feedback

Wrong: Unfortunately, it will be impossible to finish the project on time because some people are causing problems, and submitting their work late
Correct: Can everyone turn in their portion of the project by Monday so that we can complete work on time
Wrong: I’m exhausted
Correct: I need to rest

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