15 Signs to know if You are a Treehugger

Do you recycle? Do you save energy? read below to know if you are a treehugger:

1. You recycle. Everything

2. You own a pet

3. You’re vegetarian or vegan

4. Each room has at least one plant

5. You own a cycle or hybrid vehicle

6. You’d rather go camping than stay in a hotel

7. You take your own bag for shopping or grocery

8. You volunteer for an environmental organization

9. You share and retweet whatever Greenpeace posts

10. You receive emails from at least one green organization

11. Your wallpaper is a picture of windmill or natural landscape

12. You’ll only turn on the AC if your guests are noticeably sweating

13. You know exactly how much energy every appliance in your house uses

14. You have a habit of naming plants and trees as you pass them on the street

15. You know every environmental issue and love talking about them

thanks for reading 15 points above, I have one bonus point for you

16. You’ve hugged at least one tree in the past year. For real

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