Eloji (God of Sex) in Rajasthan

Sex is normally a taboo in Indian society and expression of love or sexual desire publicly is condemned. But at the same time traditions such as Khajuraho and Tantra establishing sex as tool for self-realization in your spiritual journey exist. India, a land of Kamasutra is known for many different and unknown things.

In Western Rajasthan, you can find Statues of the Eloji God almost almost in every village, shown as a strong man with moustaches exhibiting his long penis. Eloji is a Gram Devta (God of Village).

On holidays, villagers sing songs while playing folk music, to praise sexual power of Eloji.

Male beg him for sexual power and Female worship him to be gifted with a male child.

On the Day of Holi, all men sing Holi songs, which describes their sexual accomplishments. Meanwhile married women visit Eloji in group, bow to him, touch his elongated phallus with awe and cut jokes, they laugh and tease each other. It is a joyful ritual.

The newly wed couples pay their homage to Eloji. The bride gives a hug to Eloji as He has first right over every woman. He is the best man for every bride.

It is also a way of respecting the sexual power that governs the whole cosmos.

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