7 Helpful Tips to Win an Audition

if you always wanted to become an actor, than please
check out my 7 helpful tips to improve your skills & take control of audition

1. Personality
Let it shine through. Don’t give one-word answers when having a conversation with the casting director. Ask questions! The industry is looking for smart, curious actors.

2. Confidence
You don’t get sympathy points if you’re nervous, not feeling well, or having a bad day. You are being sized up the minute you walk in, so practice good posture and body language before you arrive. And don’t forget to smile

3. Character
Know your character by the following:
What he/she says about himself/herself
What other characters say about him/her
What the playwright or screenwriter says about him/her

4. Objective
Go underneath the dialogue. What does he/she want from the other characters? What is the character’s purpose in the scene/story?

5. Obstacle
What’s in the way of the character getting what he/she wants? Acting is what happens to you as you TRY to get your objective met, in spite of the obstacle.

6. Act
Acting means TO DO, not to talk. Find your actions and play them

7. Variety
Feel the levels and dynamic in the scene. Don’t play one emotion. If the character is angry or tough, when might he/she show some vulnerability?

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