7 Inspirational Habits of Good People

Mindfulness isn’t just about sitting on a cushion and watching the breath, though that is a great way to learn and internalize the practice. Being mindful is about consciously being more present in our lives.

Following are the 7 positive habits of mindful people:

1. Peace
HABIT: Make peace with imperfection – inside and out
INSPIRATION: Recognizing that nothing and no one is perfect can bring with it liberation – and a whole lot of peace. So, embrace your beauty and smile for the camera – as this creative Dove campaign urges us to do.

2. Gratitude
HABIT: Show gratitude for good moments – and grace for bad ones
INSPIRATION: Being thankful for the good things (and accepting of the not-so-fun stuff) helps to crystallize our appreciation of life – from the weather to our nearest and dearest, and simple things like good food and music. Even better? Being grateful is good for you – it’s a scientific fact. Watch this heart-warming video about gratitude and say thank you to someone – or something- today.

3. Curiosity
HABIT: Approach everyday things with curiosity – and savor them
INSPIRATION: Being mindful in day-to-day life entails non-judgmental observation of the details – whether it’s watching every inhalation and exhalation during a meditation session, bringing the entire attention to washing the dishes, or really enjoying a good meal. Take some inspiration from nature and marvel like a child at the beauty of these blooming blossoms.

4. Compassion
HABIT: Practice compassion and nurture connections
INSPIRATION: Compassion can be internal – when you notice your own suffering and think about how to make it better – or external, caring for the people in your life. It is from this strong, kind place that we can make a difference to the world around us – just like the inspirational speakers on this list of TED talks that spark social change.

5. Acceptance
HABIT: Accept – and appreciate – that things come and go
INSPIRATION: Everything comes and goes – sooner or later. It is one of the simplest truths of this life, and it’s what makes savoring what we have – when we have it – so very important. Step one? Put down your cell phone and engage with the world around you. Digital detox, now.

6. Forgiveness
HABIT: Forgive their mistakes – big or small
INSPIRATION: Everyone makes mistakes, at least now and then. Forgiveness presents the opportunity to reflect on shortcomings and then move past them – no matter how big or small the transgression. Need a little push? Sign up for the Tutu Forgiveness Challenge.

7. Vulnerability
HABIT: Embrace vulnerability by trusting others – and themselves
INSPIRATION: Tapping into your deepest, darkest emotions takes a lot of courage, that’s for sure – but it’s so worthwhile. When we let our guard down and take the leap – we can achieve truly amazing things.

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